There are a ton of world building blogs, vlogs, and communities out there. So why make another one, and why should you care? Point blank, it boils down to a few unique things I bring to the table:

  • I’m a socio-linguist/anthropologist, and analysing languages and cultures is a thing I do for a living at this point in time. My world building comes from a place of actually experiencing and analysing real languages and cultures (my linguist blog is here).
  • I’m an idiot and am making four civilisations concurrently in one world. I like big topics and scope!
  • I’m making a non-European high fantasy world; it’s an “Asian” world, and I’m also Asian. Thoughts about multicultural representation in pop-culture? I wonder out loud sometimes too.
  • I’m bilingual and bicultural. 時々日本語でも書きたいです!(でも二度書きで時間がかかるから単に願望で終わるかもです。)
  • I love Ace Attorney, The Legend of Zelda, Avatar (Ang and Korra!), Dragon Age, Overwatch, Revolutionary Girl Utena, and other selective pieces of pop culture. Not much of a Game of Thrones fan. So-so with Lord of the Rings, Star Wars. Good with Studio Ghibli, Star Trek, Harry Potter, anime from the 90s and 00s. My influences are maybe a bit atypical of world builders; ergo, I think my world and it’s people are slightly atypical (unique!)

But most importantly, I’m wanting to tell a story about intercultural co-existence, and historical memory. That’s just a fancy way of saying “a story about people from different cultures living together, and exploring how those  cultures’ histories affects the people’s present.” A lofty sounding topic, right?  It’s the kind of stuff that historians, sociologists, anthropologists talk about… but I think they are fascinating and really important topics that can be and should be explored in fiction.

The world I’m building:

The Shommöqe: A cultural contact zone of four major civilizations, each drawing inspiration from “Asian” civilizations in our world. My current official blurb goes something like this:

At the cross-roads of civilizations stands a vast dynasty built on conquest. One hundred years after its foundation the conquerors are once more poised for invasion of foreign lands. But murmurings of rebellion can be heard throughout the empire, and the descendants of the conquerors are dying of a mysterious wasting illness. Traverse the vast worlds of secretive deserts and howling plains, the corridors of power and humble peasant villages. You will then piece together a picture of the events that will sway the future of this diverse world.

I’d love for you to stick around and see how I go on this stupidly ambitious project